Organic Traffic vs Social Media Traffic – Which One is Profitable These Days?

Have you ever thought about the ‘better output’ out of two different mediums of getting visitors on your website or blog? Multinational companies, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Online Marketers and Bloggers highly rely on search engine traffic and social media following.

Did you ever try to analyze both the mediums of interaction with your readership and visitors? Analysis gives you some sort of understanding and clarity of stance towards your online property or reputation. Today we are living in communication, technology and IT world, and without online presence there is no possibility of growing for enterprises and businesses!

social media trafic vs organic traffic

Have a look on the quick review of Organic and Social Media traffic models to find out which one is more profitable nowadays:

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is a search engine generated traffic in the web world and blogsphere – It’s one of the biggest resources to get visitors online besides direct and social media sites traffic.

  • It’s a long haul in the life of websites, blogs and online communities – One can’t expect quick results from the search engines to start flooding visitors to the site after launching. Search engines take time to analyze study and view the conditions of the site.
  • Every successful site in search engines takes a time to develop its search engine reputation, ranking and position. There are many algorithms made by search engines in particular to accept any blog or website to be presented in the search index.
  • It always takes time and consistency to make a well reputed organic traffic based website – Webmasters and bloggers need to continuously add content and new material to their sites and blogs, because visitors and search engines like new and fresh content getting added frequently.

Social Media Traffic

Social Media is a major source of communication, respond, and talk these days – Businesses, individuals hence everyone likes to be on social media sites to reach. Organizations and companies get social to reach new customers, retain the existing and provide assistance to the prospects seeking help.

  • We connect with friends and family on social media and sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many more are there for us – Communication and Social Media have reached to Smartphones now after the advent of technology and social apps like Instagram, KIK, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and many others are example of that.
  • Social Media is one of the major resources of getting traffic on the blogs and websites. Besides regular readers engagement Social Media Advertising is another way to generate quick traffic on the websites and blogs.

Profitability: Organic Traffic vs. Social Media Traffic

Organic traffic has its own dimension and classes for web entities (websites and blogs) to get in and perform – High quality SEO techniques and latest search engine trends help any website or blog to make an impact in the search engines to get more organic traffic – It takes time.

Social Media traffic is more diversified way of getting traffic and certainly can’t be limited to just social media advertising as Facebook and Twitter have billions of monthly hits along with other major social media sites – Social Media active users and companies engage fans, followers and friends on social media to communicate and deliver the information.

Social Media traffic is quicker, less-tricky and way easy than organic traffic which requires high-quality SEO skills to get success – It is certainly a profitable choice to make.