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6 Security Plugins to Avoid Vulnerability on WordPress

WordPress has been a famous open source program to run blogs and websites – It is the most recommended self hosted content management system to start blog and websites on our own hosting. Most of the bloggers and new starters find WordPress a charming and attractive tool to be utilized for taking a start. Wide

7 Useful Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugins

Affiliate Marketing is a process of making audience aware about the utilization of services and products, and referring the best possible products/services to earn commission on the actual sales or leads, but it depends on the Affiliate Marketing program type. It’s not just about making commission by selling things – Content and Online Marketing experts

Top 7 WordPress Security Plugins for Starters

WordPress security is an important topic to cover and plan in order to run WordPress Content Management System smoothly and successfully. It is true that hacking attempts can’t be denied and such activities can’t be stopped with 100% result, but making full-proof grounds can decrease the damage and avoid data loss. Similarly security of WordPress

Top 5 Plugins for improving your Social Media Exposure

What do you think the conversation points your website are for? Do they help you to increase your lead flow or not. It doesn`t matter if your website is socially active or not, social networks are not gonna help you if you don`t count them as part of your marketing strategy. Below are a few

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Database Management

Database management isn’t something that WordPress users and bloggers have to do on daily basis, but keeping an eye on all procedures and systems while running a Content Management System is important. Regular backup, database size, site loading speed, caching system and site backup are the things which must be checked at least one time

7 Best WordPress Plugins for Caching

Caching turns out to be very important aspect in blogging or using any open source program to run a website. Caching is a process to save the resources of the web server by saving the retrieved data from the database on the query, and to make it available for next use until it flushes out

6 Best WordPress Plugins for Blog Content Management

Content Strategy and Digital Content Marketing can’t be completed without implementing and using the right tools to make your website and blog fully tuned-up and optimized for both humans and search engines. Did someone actually tell you that Readers Engagement is one of the biggest aspects of latest SEO trend and Search Engine ranking development?

Top 5 Twitter Feed Plugins for WordPress

Twitter is one of the biggest Social Networking and Micro-blogging websites in the world. It has been a no. 1 choice for most of the brands, marketers and entrepreneurs to use for social networking and communicating. Are you missing your WordPress Blog integration with your Twitter Account? Wait! Do you still believe a small Twitter-icon

5 Best Comments Management Plugins for WordPress

Commenting is an integral part of viewership response in Blogging, Content Management Systems and Publications online – Do you know experts analyze depth, authority and strength of any piece of content with many factors, and commenting is one of them? WordPress includes the option to enable, disable, manage, approve and remove plugins. If you’re running

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Authors Management

Bloggers and Authors are important for blogs – Unfortunately blogs can’t be written by robots (yet), so great blogs belong to great bloggers and authors – Do you know strong, reputable and well-known authors give so much power to the blogs? You might have seen people guest-blog a lot – Have you seen people asking