6 Tips to Make Your Giveaway Successful

Running a Giveaway on your blog would be an amazing promotional stunt and readers’ engagement activity to get the focus of audience, social media fans and new visitors.

Giveaway is a famous promotional activity from Bloggers, Webmasters, Online Marketers and Social Media Activists on their blogs, websites and social media profiles in order to attract the audience to engage and participate in the contest to win the surprise gift.

Haven’t experienced such activity on your Blog? Don’t you think that it can make a difference? You can’t actually tell about the taste of coffee without taking the sip…

If you’re about to start your giveaway or want to run a giveaway on your blog (or website), you might be looking for a professional platform to do that job. I would suggest Rafflecopter and Punchtab for this activity.

successful giveaway tips

After selecting your giveaway running tools, you might need to know some key facts and useful tips to make your Giveaway Successful. Here is the list of 6 tips for your giveaway:

1 – Create Maximum Opportunities

Offering the best and maximum would make you prominent. If participants know that there will be only one person who will win this giveaway, many of the readers who might be participating would be discouraged, might quit before entering the contest, just because one-prize proportionately decreases the chances of winning when many others are also in the race.

Always keep the prizes more than one – So that you’ll attract more people.

2 – Easy Participation

Participation must be easy to join the giveaway – Don’t make complications for your audience who want to join your giveaway – the more easy you keep the procedure, the more audience will complete the joining part.

Some Bloggers restrict visitors to share the giveaway page or any post before participating or to be able to participate they have to share it on Facebook or twitter, it looks little wrong to me, you shouldn’t be forcing your readers to share the page/post in order to join this giveaway. Let them share on their own.

3 – Collect Participants Email

Collection of emails would definitely be totally open and overt – Nothing would be hidden from the participants. Explain that you’ll be updating them via email about next giveaways + you will be able to send some useful tips occasionally.

4 – Describe the Rules

Don’t miss out to describe the rules of the giveaway – Explain each and everything about giveaway. It should be explain above the giveaway sign up or joining form, so that a readers or participant reads it first before joining the form.

5 – Announce Benefits to losing Participants

This is something interesting. You might have never seen such an option. If you announce something to give to the losing participants, they will get happy, and everyone would love to receive some kind of benefit out of it.

It would encourage losing and winning participants to come and subscribe to your blog, and they might wait for your next giveaway, it will keep them in touch with your blog, and you will surely increase your readership.

6 – Use Professional Giveaway Running Service

Utilizing the professional service to run and manage the giveaway would actually provide you everything you need within clicks – You don’t have to struggle with coding and stuff to get the sign up form, and counter etc.

Just sign up with any professional giveaway running service as mentioned in the start of this article, and utilize the professional service to make your giveaway easy and attractive.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);