5 Best Comments Management Plugins for WordPress

Commenting is an integral part of viewership response in Blogging, Content Management Systems and Publications online – Do you know experts analyze depth, authority and strength of any piece of content with many factors, and commenting is one of them?

WordPress includes the option to enable, disable, manage, approve and remove plugins. If you’re running a WordPress based website or blog, you might have seen spam commenting issue; there are many famous plugins, and one default Akismet Plugin comes with the WordPress Open source software.

Check these 5 Comments Management Plugins for WordPress to get little deeper into Comments Management:

1 – Decent Comments

It always looks good when people with avatar and authors’ pictures comment on your blog post or articles – It shows your content authority and blog’s worth.

wordpress plugins for commentsDecent Comments WordPress plugin enables you to show what people are saying about your content and WordPress blog. It comes with Widget, Shortcode and API options to allow you to display at an appropriate place along with their avatars.

A Professional WordPress developer, Webmasters or Blogger actually understands the importance of a comment with Avatar.


2 – Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks

Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks’ WordPress plugin works to make a WordPress user’s job easier – It helps you to set option to open comments, pingbacks and trackbacks on the certain/required blog posts.

best comment pluginKey element of this WordPress plugin is to auto-close comments, trackbacks and pingbacks on the pages and posts. Scheduling option works with perfectly well if you want to close the commenting option on certain blog posts after a time-duration.


5 – Clean it Up

wordpress commenting pluginClean it Up’ WordPress plugin helps WordPress users and bloggers to remove empty tags, categories, auto-drafts, spam comments through a simple 1-click function. It helps a WordPress user to make database clean which helps WordPress site in loading and running perfectively after database tables optimization.


4 – Audio Comments Plugin

Audio Comments Plugin’ is a fantastic way to comment on a WordPress blog. It is basically an audio WordPress commenting plugin which allows readers to comment on your blog through voice comments.

wordpress audio comment pluginIt works with an Audio Integrator which has a powerful MP3 Audio setup to enable audio comments recording on your WordPress blog.

Commenter can use simple PC microphone to record the comment – This plugin contains an Audior’ which is the actual backbone of this plugin, and it transmits sound into Mp3, and saves on your computer to publish it as comment (voice comment) on the WordPress site.


3 – WP Inline Comment Errors

WP Inline Comment Errors’ WordPress plug-in provides the solution to display the comment form field errors. It makes WordPress able to display comments form errors on the page or post directly on the page.

wordpress commenting pluginSet your own validation systems on email, url or name entries or any other entry in the comments box. It’s based on PHP functionality and doesn’t require java script for this purpose.

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