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15 Tumblr Blogs to Follow For Profitable Interest

What`s interesting about Tumblr? I mean there are other blogging platforms too, but why people go for it. Tumblr is the first social networking blog platform which actually allows its user to share media on it. Recently Yahoo CEO offered 1.1 billion to buy Tumblr, below are 15 Tumblr blogs which will prove why Tumblr

10 Interesting Facts about Tumblr

In mere 5 years, Tumblr has shape shifted from minor blogging platform to being one of the most popular sites around the internet. Interestingly, this site still manages to dominate as there are many things users are not even aware about Tumblr, below are a few of them! 1. Tumblr is the tenth most popular

10 Best and Widely Used Tumblr Themes for 2014

Having a hard time to display your creativity on Tumblr? Who do you blame? Nevertheless, the problem is not in your platform, it’s in your theme. Selecting the right theme for Tumblr matters a lot as it plays an important part showcasing your passion and talent to the world. Below are selective Tumblr themes praised

Top 5 Blogging Platforms on Internet

Confused between blogging platforms? Seeing the different features and advantages of every top platform made it hard to make your decision. Well don`t worry because it happens to us all. This is why we brought up 5 best blogging platforms in the word detailing their respective features and advantages. Take a look and see if

The War Between Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress – Which one is the Best?

Made your decision of finally starting a blog? But still figuring out which blogging platform best suits your needs? Before anything else, I like to congratulate you on being confused between the best blogging platforms (WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr). To help you decide, we`ve given a broad-spectrum overview of all three with their exclusive features

5 Guiding Tips to be Successful Blogger on Tumblr

Worried about what to tumble next? Well what do you have in mind, the winter Soldier or Madonna? Whatever it is, it won`t do any good if you are not doing it the right way. Below are some handy tips to make your tumbling successful. 1. Post on regular basis You got everything settled! Now