10 Best Blogger Themes for Beginners

Settled your blogger but still not sure about your theme? well it happens to all of us so there`s no fuss. We have put together the list of 10 Best Blogger themes in order to help you out. Check them all!

Blogy Rosa

If you don`t fall for the name, this blogger template is all about color and music. Don`t believe me, check the demo yourself. With the pink background and white page having a girl jumping on the top, Blogy Rosa is a definite choice for a colorful blog with full of ambition.

website blogger template


Here`s something for people who love to read with coffee in their hand. Mosaic (thanks to its creamy color layout) is the perfect theme if you want your readers to give something for their teatime while having their tabs on hand. So who`s up for Cappuccino?

blogging blogger theme

Sweet Blog

This theme has nothing to do with sweet dishes but it’s still pleasant if you want to add some home deco info in your blog. The credit goes to its mocha color and trendy background. This template is best suited for interior decoration blogs.

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A quite disappointment if you went with the name. Vertical offers a sleek layout which is complimented with the creamy side hook along with white center which comes with blue fonts. Seeing to its simple yet elegant looks, this blogger theme is best recommended for medical blogs.

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The fact is we are still wondering what this blogger template is best for. But if you give it a try, Tierra is an attractive blogger template which offers customizable header which is supported by deep brown page layout. In order to enhance the natural theme, the font is default set on creamy color.

blogger theme

Grey Press

Sorry to break your bubble but Grey Press is not a boring Blogger Theme. Well the developer couldn`t come with a better name so he completed his work with titling I Grey Press. But if you would, Grey Press is a simple yet elegant theme which can support any kind of content published on it. If you don`t believe then give it a try.

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Smashing Template

Don`t be confused by its name because this theme have nothing to do with WWE. Smashing template is provides a refreshing look with its white and orange (supported by skin and light grey) theme which is idea for both medical and beauty blogs. However we are still wondering how it got its name.

best free blogger template

Colorful Day

Speaking honestly, this is a blogger theme which has been justified with its name. Colorful day is an exciting yet full of energy blogger template which is best recommended for blogs for kids or healthy snacks blogs.

blogger free template


Only by looking at the hen placed on the top, anyone would have guessed its name. Anyway, Morning comes with a white themed background which is enhanced by green bars and an animated sunrise header. This template is best recommended for flashy news.

fresh blogging template


Just like its name, Forte is a strong theme. However its strength cannot be determined by its bricks but by the length of its each page, Forte is recommended for Blogger users who often post quiet lengthy posts.

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