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10 Best Blogger Themes for Beginners

Settled your blogger but still not sure about your theme? well it happens to all of us so there`s no fuss. We have put together the list of 10 Best Blogger themes in order to help you out. Check them all! Blogy Rosa If you don`t fall for the name, this blogger template is all

10 Free Classy Blogger Templates

Blogger, Google`s widely praised blogging platform that comes with a number of powerful tool. However it doesn`t matter how much power you use if there`s something missing from your blog. By something missing, we meant themes. Themes are important part of blogs which unfortunately most of us ignore them. Nevertheless, we have given you some

Top 5 Blogging Platforms on Internet

Confused between blogging platforms? Seeing the different features and advantages of every top platform made it hard to make your decision. Well don`t worry because it happens to us all. This is why we brought up 5 best blogging platforms in the word detailing their respective features and advantages. Take a look and see if

Find the Top 9 Elegant Responsive Blogger Themes

Looking forward to launch a new Blogger blog? What`s holding you down, content, media or theme. Well, if it’s the third option then don`t worry we got load of elegant themes below. Have a look. GossipCity Don`t fall for the name as this theme is not eligible for an infotainment blog. With the star present

The War Between Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress – Which one is the Best?

Made your decision of finally starting a blog? But still figuring out which blogging platform best suits your needs? Before anything else, I like to congratulate you on being confused between the best blogging platforms (WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr). To help you decide, we`ve given a broad-spectrum overview of all three with their exclusive features

8 Fresh Blogspot Templates for Blogger

Finding the right template for your blog is very important but due to many templates, choosing the one for your blog is even harder. Yes the template is attractive and responsive but do you like it. Well that’s the question most of us forget to ask themselves before taking a template. Anyway, below is the