15 Tumblr Blogs to Follow For Profitable Interest

What`s interesting about Tumblr? I mean there are other blogging platforms too, but why people go for it. Tumblr is the first social networking blog platform which actually allows its user to share media on it. Recently Yahoo CEO offered 1.1 billion to buy Tumblr, below are 15 Tumblr blogs which will prove why Tumblr is worth more than that!

best tumbler blogging tips

1. Texts from Super Heroes

Great for kids and a must Bookmark! Text from Super Heroes is run by a bunch of comedians. Nevertheless the site is wonderful as it makes you laugh until your stomach hurts. Text from Super Heroes delivers funny messages from all your favorite superheroes, whether he is DC character or Marvel Guy.

2. Reasons why my Son is Crying

Is this Funny or disrespectful? Well, I can`t be the judge of that, all I see is a guy documenting his sons crying fits over the internet. This website is a must watch as it doesn`t only contains the hilarious explanations of how a child can get off any minute. But it also welcomes notes and videos of its watchers.

3. Arrested Westeros

Perhaps the best mash up in history. Arrested Westeros combine different quotes from the famous sitcom “Arrested Development” and put them brilliantly in screenshots of “Game of Thrones”. Whether you like it or not, this blog call in for a number of other hilarious combinations such as “How I Met your Mother”, “True Blood” and many more.

4. Google Poetics

Not a Google Product but still it’s awesome. Most of us are tired of Google completing our research Query, well Google Poetics is here to make things interested. This blog shows some poetic suggestions for your search queries, but with a bit of humor.

5. Out of Co-Existence

This quote based blog is dedicated to good science described as bad as possible. Don`t believe me? Try it out for yourself! The concept is removing facts from their scientific contexts and adding funny yet bizarre statements into it. But before you do anything, I suggest you read the terms and conditions as guidelines here are pretty strict and straight forward.

6. Things Organized Neatly

To many of us, Tumblr is just an image sharing portal. But the one thing that the Tumblr community can`t get behind is a visually appealing layout with loads of updates. The things organized neatly is different images cult from internet of people who are trying to organize their belongings properly.

7. Animals Being D! @#s

Probably the silliest blog mentioned, but it`s worth your time! Animal Being have a collection of funny animal gigs that you can`t afford to miss. This website shows how bad an animal can react to modern life elements while keeping the security of the creature in mind as well as providing a good entertainment.

8. Shit my Students Write

If you are looking for despair right at the public education, try this one! This blog will give you a lot to worry about. A sure cathartic exercise, teachers submit some of their student’s most hilarious writing samples which makes a daily bungee for viewers. Check it out yourself.

9. Literally Unbelievable

Technically, it’s a sad but funny commentary website on behalf of human gullibility. The website is owned and ran by Mr. Hudson Hongo (freelance writer).  Good for a bookmark as the owner always manages to come with some great submissions for his fans.

10. Beautiful Mars

We all agree that images of spaces are always breathtaking. Beautiful Mars has been developed on this fact by taking pictures and posts directing a high resolution camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter known as the heroes. Beautiful Mars succeeds to present them in an exceptional way with a brief explanation.

11. National Post

A bit of rolling, however the National Post workers know exactly what they are doing on Tumblr. Updated a couple of times daily, this blog is a house of the best images and info graphics showing ancient artifacts. This blog is impressively running in the paper which has a great high resolution format. Further, every image has a link back to articles on the main site for more information.

12. Nerdy Facts

If you are in a rush but want to enjoy a punch, Nerdy Facts are for you! This blog delivers interesting (somewhat surprising) facts twice a day. The categories are organized pretty loose, but it won`t bother you while you enjoy the content.

13. The Lively Morgue-New York Times

The New York Times vast photo library better known as the Photo Morgue is getting its second inning on Tumblr. This site is updated numerous times a week and owns some of the best archival photos from the past. The best thing is original notes from the back of each photo are also included, a must Bookmark!

14. Weird Vintage

A collection of Antiquate advertisements along with illustrations and images which will attract anyone with a taste of humor and history! If you are into new modern world stuff, 1930`s-50`s then you can`t afford to miss this one.

15. Starbucks Spelling

Simple blog, but it can be relating to mangling your name at the Starbucks. This blog is all about readers uploading snaps of what they wrote on their cups with their actual name. This is nothing but mind boggling and worth following!d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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